know Wi-Fi passwords using CMD

Windows command prompt is a great tool for the people who love command interface rather than Graphical UI. There are a lot of features which are still not implemented in Graphical User Interface can be accessed via CMD. In my previous articles, I’ve talked about a lot of CMD commands. In this article, I am going to share how to find out the password of all connected devices using CMD along with suitable screenshots for clear understanding.

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    What is Artificial Intelligence?

    Since the invention of computers or machines, their capability to perform various tasks went on growing exponentially. Humans have developed the power of computer systems in terms of their diverse working domains, their increasing speed, and reducing size with respect to time.

    A branch of Computer Science named Artificial Intelligence pursues creating the computers or machines as intelligent as human beings...

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    Python -The Most Useful Programming Language

    Programming is one of the most important skills of a hacker. When someone wants to become a hacker, he/she has to be a good programmer. Although, It is very important to have basic knowledge of every programming language still you have to master in a particular language. For that purpose, Python is the most popular programming language among hackers. When you start learning the core of hacking, Python is great. With a giant standard library and a packaging system that puts prebuilt tools and frameworks at your fingertips, it is often very easy to hack something into existence.

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    How Do Passwords Get Stolen?

    Online passwords can be a little bit trickier to manage as the fact that many users have tons of them. to keep track of. And the fact that they're stored on a bunch of servers somewhere, instead of being a physical thing you carry around in your pocket gives stealer more opportunities to enter into your online life. But how exactly do passwords get stolen? I mean it is very supposed to be encrypted right? Well yes! but you might be surprised to know that many times passwords aren't stolen by some crack group of cyber criminals using super fancy hacking techniques but are instead harvested through simple techniques that finally end up in your ruined e-life. This is how they do it...

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    Deadly Linux Commands

    Sometimes Linux can go extremely up to the extent that it can do serious damage to the system. Linux system doesn’t even ask the user for confirmation once the command is given and simply performs its task. Here are some commands that can be deadly if you dont have prior knowledge of it.

    • rm -rf /
    • :(){ :|: & };: Sh
    • mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1
    • /dev/sda
    • mv ~ /dev/null –

    Also know them in detail...

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    What is Torrent? What is Seeders, Leechers and Trackers in Torrent?

    If you have ever used Torrent, you must have come across some terms likes Seeds, Peers, Leeches, and Trackers etc. Many people just don’t give a damn about the meaning of such terms when they are able to download what they want. But, it really matters for us to know. It can we very easy for a user to use torrent if he/she knows the meaning and importance of such terms.

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    What Is a DDoS attack?

    Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack refers to the attempt to make online service unavailable through overwhelming it with traffic from numerous sources. DDoS attack targets a wide range of important resources including news websites, banks, and many more. They pose a challenge to people’s attempts to access or publish important information. know more in detail...

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    Why does the iPhone require less RAM than Android devices?

    If you compare the performance of iPhone 7 (2GB RAM) with Google Pixel (4GB RAM) or Samsung s7 (4GB RAM), You’ll see no difference in performance. iPhone 6 was the best performing phone in its time with just 1 GB of RAM. Now, the question is why does the iPhone require less RAM than Android devices? Why does the Android device need more RAM? It involves many factors like the Garbage collection, App Management, User Interface, and Hardware.

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    NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT File System -Explained

    Do you know the meaning of these 3 file systems and why are they important? I try to discuss this terms in this articles. In addition, I am going to share the meaning of NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT file systems. let’s also understand what is a file system...

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    Difference Between Coder, Programmer, Developer and Software Engineer

    Maybe you have heard about these job titles in the past, but what exactly is the difference between them? Some people claim that it mostly depends on your education and on what you have achieved; in some way, this may be true, but some others claim that sometimes the company you are working for decides if you are a programmer, a developer or other, making it merely a job title. Let’s take a closer look to this. Understanding the differences between a Coder, a Programmer, a Developer and a Software Engineer is seeing them as a hierarchy or as stair, where the Coder can be found in the low section of the stair and the Software Engineer can be found at the top. Maybe to you all these job tittles may mean the same because you once knew a Developer that could do everything a Software Engineer can, but there are really some differences between them are worth knowing.

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    Difference Between Computer Science, Computer Engineering & Information Technology

    What’s the difference between a degree in computer science and a degree in information technology? To the layperson, computer science and information technology may seem like the same thing. In actuality, three fields are typically associated with the study of computers at the college level. Computer engineering, information technology and computer science are all disciplines within the same realm of study. However, each specialty focuses on specific aspects of the field, and careers within the three areas vary greatly.

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    Why Java ≠ JavaScript ?

    Most of the beginner programmers are often confused between Java and JavaScript programming language. Both programming languages are different, Java is best suitable for Back-end programming where JavaScript is suitable for front-end programming. There are a lot of differences which you can see here.

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    32-Bit and 64-Bit Processors

    There are many things to consider when buying a new Computer. We look for RAM size, Processor, CPU, GPU, Hard Disk and display etc. But when it comes to select a Processor’s category, we prefer 64-bit Processor. In fact, Most people want 64-bit Processor PC without even knowing what does it mean to have 64-bit Processor and What is the Difference between 32-Bit and 64-Bit Processors?

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